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About Trushka Siamese

Located in the South/ Western suburbs of Adelaide, we have a very small cattery with one retired Queen named Bijou, Lady Saskia our current Queen and Ferdinand Floyd, her brother and Perdita Darling, Saskia's daughter.

Trushka Siamese is registered with FASA, Feline Association of SA and a member of the NSW Pure Siamese Society. 

I have been breeding for 15 years but on a very small scale.  I breed for health, and temperament.  I have invested greatly in sorting lines from NSW Pure Siamese Cats.  This means they have a minimum of an 8 generation pedigree with only Siamese Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac points in their pedigree.

Every Siamese born or brought into my house is a family member and lives an extremely pampered life.

Every potential new parent to a Trushka Siamese is asked


to complete a questionnaire and a followed up with a phone call before going further.

All kittens have had their 8 and 12 week vaccinations, microchipped, desexed, registered with FASA and wormed before going to their new home.  They also leave with a goody bag to take to their new family.

Our Feline Family


Tweema Zeberdee

Lady Saskia

Garthowen Liechee

Ferdinand Floyd

Garthowen Dato Tan 

Lovely Perdita Darling 💕.jpg
Perdita Darling

Trushka Perdita Darling

Our Team
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